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pregnancy and webster technique

Growing a human is your superpower. Your body is working hard and you will experience many changes during pregnancy that can lead to some discomfort. Dr. Kristy Johnson is a family wellness chiropractor certified in Webster Technique which will help your body adapt to the physical changes during pregnancy and help prepare you physically for labor and birth.

As your belly and baby grows, so does your lordotic curve in your lumbar spine (low back) and as a result, you may experience low back pain. To compensate for your change in center of gravity as baby gets bigger, your stance will widen and you may find yourself leaning backwards which can also be a mechanical cause of low back pain. As your breasts enlarge and your body prepares to feed your baby for the first 6 months of life, as recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics and The World Health Organization, your mid-back rounds, your shoulders roll forward and your head juts out. This can lead to mid back pain, neck pain and/or numbness and tingling into your arms. These are some of the physical changes that occur during pregnancy and seeking chiropractic care at New Element Chiropractic can maintain joint function in the spine and pelvis, release soft tissue restrictions, reduce nerve interference and improve overall comfort during pregnancy. 


If you've experienced chiropractic care before pregnancy, your treatments may change slightly while you are pregnant. At New Element Chiropractic, Dr. Kristy Johnson will evaluate and treat you using the Webster Technique. Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and diversified adjustment of the sacrum and pelvis and release of associated soft tissues. The goal of the treatment is to align the sacrum, restore pelvic balance, relieve tense muscles and ligaments and optimize nervous system functioning. Chiropractic care is safe for you and your baby. Your baby is kept safe by the bony structure of your pelvis, muscles and amniotic fluid. A specialized pregnancy pillow and proper positioning will be used to help you get comfortable before your adjustment.

Other pregnancy related conditions that chiropractic care can help with:

  • pubic symphysis dysfunction

  • rib pain 

  • hip pain 

Pregnancy and birth is a transformational time for families, call to make an appointment and make sure your body, mind and nervous system are supported during this time. 

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Pregnant Woman in Nature

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