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myofascial release and soft tissue therapy

Do you ever feel like you have knots in your neck? Or do you find yourself rubbing your low back to try and relieve the tension? You could have myofasical restrictions. Myofascial release is a manual therapy that addresses soft tissues in the body that are restricted. Fascia is the connective tissue that wraps around each muscle fiber and around the entire muscle. When these tissues adhere together, the fascia is unable to glide normally which inhibits the muscle from performing its intended action. Myofascial release is performed with the providers hands to break myofascial adhesions. Myofascial restrictions can change movement patterns which can lead to instability and injury. Having your soft tissue addressed during your chiropractic treatment is essential to maintaining optimal range of motion, decreased intensity of pain and decreased incidence of (re)injury. 

Graston technique addresses myofascial restriction with the use of a specialized, stainless steel instrument. Graston is 'successful in effectively treating all soft tissue conditions, whether they are chronic, acute or post-surgical.' Graston promotes proper healing, increases range of motion and restores optimal function. 

Cupping is an ancient therapy that has been used for years. There are many different types of cups used during treatment. Dr. Kristy most commonly uses silicone or plastic cups. Cups can be placed statically to pull out stagnation and toxins of the tissues. Dynamic cupping is a more intense cupping session and works to pull out toxins and promote circulation. Cupping with movement is similar to a pin and stretch therapy where the cup is placed on the muscle in the shortened position and the patient actively moves through a restricted range of motion to lengthen the muscle.

Massage therapy is the gentle manipulation of soft tissue to help manage pain, promote healing and relaxation and to improve health and overall wellness. Clinical massage addresses your areas of complaint as well as promoting overall relaxation and minimizing stress. 

Dr. Kristy uses all of these soft tissue techniques to compliment her chiropractic adjustments. Soft tissue treatments are available for chiropractic patient only. 

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