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Cupping is a unique therapy because it uses suction to create negative pressure. Unlike many other soft tissue therapies, there is no tissue compression with cupping therapy. Cups are placed on soft tissues to lift up on tissues which pulls out stagnation, drains excess fluids and toxins, loosens adhesions and brings fresh, oxygenated blood flow to the muscles and skin. Once the toxins and metabolic waste is pulled out, the circulatory system and lymphatic system are able to clear them more easily. The pulling action of the cups stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which regulates digestion and encourages rest in the body. Skin discoloration is the most common side effect of cupping therapy. These discolorations are not bruises. There is no tissue damage done with cupping. The deeper the discoloration, the more metabolic waste and stagnation in the tissues. 

Cupping in an ancient therapy that has been around for hundreds of years. Most cultures show historical evidence of some form of cupping used in medical treatments. There are many different types of cups used during treatment. Dr. Kristy most commonly uses silicone or plastic cups. Cups can be placed statically which means once the cups are placed, they do not move. Dynamic cupping involves movement of the cups and can feel more intense. Cupping with movement is similar to a pin and stretch therapy where the cup is placed on the muscle in the shortened position and the patient actively moves through a restricted range of motion to lengthen the muscle.

Curious if cupping therapy can compliment your chiropractic care? Talk to Dr. Kristy at your next appointment. 

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